General introduction

The HANAKAand other shareholders. For the group to develop into a strong organization in Vietnam and the region, HANAKA has gradually been shifting capital owned by Hong Ngoc and Man Ngoc Anh in other companies to the Group and issuing stocks to extend the group’s scope of activities. Following the successful issuance of separate stocks, HANAKA will register with the State Securities Committee to enter the stock market. Group was initially founded on the contributions of Hong Ngoc company, Chairman Man Ngoc Anh 

The Meaning of Hanaka: HANA in Korean means “unification”, or “number one”. In Japanese, HANA means “flower”, “flowering” or “success”. In combination with the Vietnamese sound KA meaning “Brother”, which is the name of the chairman, HANAKA translates as “Cherry Blossom Love Song”. HANAKA is a model of unification, an example of growth and success, demonstrating continuous innovation and dynamism.