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What is the plan to raise Hanaka’s plan to raise chartered capital aimed for?

Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company was formed in February this year and its predecessor is Hanaka Electric Equipment Factory, which was established in 2001 to produce transformers, electric cubicles, cables and wires. The group started with chartered capital of $25 million but the amount has been raised to $31.2 million at the moment after an individual share offering.


In the general meeting of shareholders to be held this weekend, we will consider increasing chartered capital to $68.7 million to invest in a number of joint stock companies. To date, we have established nine companies and we aim to grow our portfolio to 22 companies within the next few years.


Will you sell stake to foreign investors?

In the general meeting of shareholders this week, we will consider plan to sell shares worth $6.25 million to strategic investors. In addition to local banks, we hope to welcome famous foreign financial institutions, bankers and investment funds as our strategic investors


What will be Hanaka’s main businesses?

Our business strategy is focused on five areas, including industry, electric equipment, construction, finance, trade and service.


In the industrial sector, Hanaka Group will invest to own 40 to 90 per cent stake in five packaging companies, namely Anh Binh Minh, Vinacan Saigon Packaging, Vinacans Northern Region Packaging, Vina-Uc Saigon and Vina-Uc Hanoi.


In the electric equipment sector, Hanaka Group will own Hanaka Electric Equipment Factory, Hanaka-Iljin Cable, Hanaka Electromagnetic wire, Hanaka-Vinashin Electric Equipment and Hanaka Hydropower. We plan to establish another electric transformer company and join a Chinese firm to set up a cable materials production company.


In the construction field, we have established Kinh Bac Investment Construction and Infrastructure Development Company, which will soon be converted into Kinh Bac Industrial Park Development. We are operating a 11-hectare high-tech park in Bac Ninh province and if the government allows, we will turn it into a 72-hectare industrial park. We will also be major stake holders in Hanaluhuan Rubber Company, Tuyen Quang Cement Company and Hanaka Mineral Company.    


We will establish financial leasing and securities companies as well as building two office towers in Hanoi (18 floor) and Ho Chi Minh City (25 floor). At present, we now own a 20,000 sqm with 11-floor office building in Bac Ninh.


What sectors will Hanaka’s revenues come from?

In the short term, industry and electric equipment will be the main contributors to our revenue. However, we will develop all five sectors within the next few years.  


Vietnam is fast developing and demand for electricity is growing rapidly. That requires electricity equipment and cable, which are Hanaka’s two main products.


Another strategic sector is packaging. We have invested $40 million in two packaging factories that have inked contracts worth $40 million this year. We are also the pioneer in producing rubber powder as material for asphalt producing using in construction of express ways and sport runways.


We see great potential for investment in cement and hydro-power sectors and we are confident our projects will produce good returns. We expect dividend of 15 per cent this year and the rate will be much higher in the following years after our affiliate companies come into operation.


How will the human resource support the company’s expansion?

We have an experienced managerial team who used to be general directors and financial directors for large foreign firms such as ABB of Sweden, Crown of America, LG and Iljin of South Korea and Telstra of Australia. They will contribute experience and expertise to our development.  


What is your listing plan?

We plan to list on Hanoi Securities Trading Centre in July this year and will move to Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Centre early next year.


Thank you for the interview.